linked vector chargers

So I create and sell Cozmo / Vector chargers online. Their designs are pretty basic but they have evolved from my very first print. I have learned allot about how it is best to source your own resources rather that buying pre-made parts in bulk. Sure it will save you time but in the long run it will eat into your profits.

I have started collecting Vector robots, for keep and for sale, and have joined various vector groups just to keep up with this amazing yet limited robot. After browsing one of said groups, it dawned on me that people in these groups have more than one vector and some have resorted to using led lights at night to allow their vectors to find their chargers.

The concept of a lit vector home icon is something I’ve seen executed by other makers in this community. Some using an addon part that you place over your current charger, others resolving to integrate the light element into the charger it self. Since I only ever had one Vector and I rarely played with it enough to realize how often it fails to find its charger in a dark room – the thought of having a lit charger / selling one did not seem worth it to me.

Now that I have 3+ vectors and I was thinking of a away to charge them all without having the bulk of the charging dock on my desk, I came up with a simple solution: why not daisy chain the charging docks to make linked vector chargers! My initial chargers thought me a lot about manufacturing and I have an early prototype in mind to see if this can be feasible

Linked Vector Charger Prototype with Lit Home Logo

Here are some product renders

Single Prototype
linked vector chargers
Multiple prototypes

Hopefully this will work 🙂

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