Anki Vector WirePod Portable Bundle


Ultimate portable Vector and WirePod bundle. Take your Vector anywhere with you – with a 7hr+ power bank you can wow strangers on the go with your Vector.
Place the powerbank and T95 in your backpack and take Vector with you everywhere you go. Connect to your phone hotspot with the included Wifi dongle or plug in the ethernet cord for on the go access to your favorite AI platforms : OpenAI, houndify, or Together AI

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Due to the inclusion of a PowerBank I cannot ship the bundle internationally

Take Your Vector Anywhere

This is the ultimate Vector and WirePod portable bundle, with this you can take your Vector anywhere and have it function like normal to voice commands.

How Does It Work?

WirePod is installed on the T95 which also acts as a hotspot for Vector to connect to when powered up. It all setup all you need to add are your API keys for weather and AI features (OpenAI, Houndify, or TogetherAI)

Connect the T95 to the 2.1A port of the power bank with the included USB to barrel adapter and plug the vector charger to the 1.A port

Vector will respond to voice commands once he boots up. You can preconfigure the T95 to use your phones hotspot by adding it as an option before you leave your home – then when it comes up, it will auto connect to it. You can also plug the T95 into an ethernet port to gain internet that way.

*coming soon – ability to connect to any Wi-Fi hotspot using your phone connected to the T95’s hotspot

What’s Included

1. Vector OEM Charger with USB adapter (not shown)

2. Refurbished Vector 1.0 with new 600 mAh battery – rated to last 40mins from a full charge

3. T95 box with WirePod installed with access point setup for WirePod – (comes with ethernet cord not pictured)

Access Point: WirePod-AP | password: wirepod5

4. HDMI cable for home setup

5. Power Adapter for T95 home use

6. Vector cube with new battery

7. USB Wifi adapter for wifi connection in the wild –

Note: to connect to your phone hotspot before leaving the house use the HDMI cable and a usb keyboard

connected to the the T95 (ask me for more details)

8. 10000 mAh power bank – last over 7hrs

9. Power bank charging cable

10. USB to barrel jack adapter to connect T95 to power bank

Everything comes with standard 6 month warranty


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