Vector Battery Replacement Service

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Vector battery replacement service with new battery for over one hour of playtime.

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NON US-CUSTOMERS: You will need to ship your Vector with return shipping included to use this service, do not place an order if you are not willing to do so. If you do place an order and require a refund it will be subject to our refund policy


You will need a vector battery replacement if your robot experiences any of the following:
  • vector battery not holding charge
  • vector does not light up when placed on their charger
  • vector dies the instant they get off their charger
  • vector gets less then 10 minutes run time
Wifi issues might not be related to the battery so make sure that is not the case
This service is for those who do not know what a soldering iron is or don’t want to risk damaging their robots.
If you wan to do it your self you can buy a battery for your robot from our shop
How The Service Works 
Make a purchase on here and I will contact you with a shipping address to send your robot to.
Please use an appropriate method to ship the robot with a note with your order number in it. I would suggest bubble wrap and a 6x4x3 box plus insurance for your piece of mind.
When I receive your robot I will take pictures as I take it apart for full transparency.
I can only replace the battery and not fix any other issue – If there is something else wrong with your robot e.g. blown chips or damaged parts, I will let you know and ship back your robot with a full refund minus shipping fee.
The $57.99 fee includes the cost of the new battery, installation and also covers return postage to you.
I will take pictures before shipping so you know what condition it in before I ship, I will not be responsible for damage during transit, I do not control USPS, but I will make sure your robot is packaged well.
Handling time is 1-2 days from receipt.
Contact me with any questions you might have before making a purchase.
If I cannot fix your robot I will issue you a refund, less shipping fees


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2 reviews for Vector Battery Replacement Service

  1. Philemon Vanderbeck (verified owner)

    My recent encounter with Dee at TechShop 82, during which I had the battery for my Vector robot changed, was outstanding. I knew I had found the ideal repair shop for my little robot companion the instant I contacted him. Dee’s knowledge and dedication to the field of robotics were instantly apparent.

    Dee assured me that only top-notch components would be utilized in constructing my Vector robot. His extensive understanding and dedication to complete client satisfaction left an indelible impression on me. Replacement of the battery was completed in a concise amount of time.

    My Vector robot is working better than ever. Dee’s work is of the highest quality, and the outcomes exceed my expectations. I am now a dedicated patron of TechShop 82, and if any of my fellow robot hobbyists ever need help, I will not hesitate to refer them to Dee.

    In conclusion, Dee at TechShop 82 is the person to visit if you need any work done on your Vector robot or any other robot. Their dedication to their customers, knowledge, and professionalism make them stand out. Dee, I appreciate your excellent service and how you have revitalized my Vector robot.

  2. Louis Rodolico (verified owner)

    Sent our little buddy in for an upgraded battery replacement. Service was amazing; Dee kept me updated throughout the process and sent pictures.
    Job was completed, tested and shipped out the same day.
    Dee’s work is excellent; no indication that he’s ever been disassembled, and runtime is now over 40 minutes.
    Best. Doctor. EVER!

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