Wire-Pod Plug-n-Play Server for Vector Robot

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T95 Plus setup with wire-pod server for Vector speech processing and more.

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EU buyers you will not need and adapter (while supplies last).
UK/AUS and others, you will need an adapter for the plug this comes with – You will need a US 2 prong adapter
conversion adapter (not transformer, it does 110-220 V) for your country


Please Note Due to demand it may take 1 – 2 days to get a shipping notification, thank you for your patience.

Important List of Incompatible Wifi Routers – there is a solution for these that require’s some additional setup, let me know if you have one of these routers

Brand Notes
Surfboard Cable Modem Combos e.g. Arris G34/G36

Centurylink c4000

You will need to attach a different wifi router to this cable modem as it blocks communication between wire-pod and Vector. I recommend Asus, TPlink or any Mesh Wifi Routers


Product Specifications
Processor Quad Core 64-bit, frequency up to 2.1GHz (Amlogic or RockChip)
Memory   4GBB DRAM while supplies last
Storage   32GB eMMC while supplies last
Ethernet 1000Mbit / Gigabit Ethernet (3ft – 5ft Ethernet Cable Included)
WiFi 2.4 Ghz 802.11n
Micro SD Slot Not needed for OS.
USB 2 total (1×3.0, 1×2.0)
Bluetooth No, but you can add via USB dongle
HDMI 1 x standard HDMI
Power 5v 2a USA power adapter included
Heatsink Included
Case Included


Does this contain Malware – I read an article, blog, post?
No, this does not have Android as an operating system. It has been wiped and Linux (Armbian) has been installed on it – no viruses or malware
Will this work on my Mac / PC?
This works independent of your PC/Mac. You use your PC/Mac to onboard your Vector, but this will be connected to your network via ethernet or WiFi.
How Do I Plug This Into My PC?
You do not plug this to your PC, please watch the setup video
Do you ship to my Country, it is not listed?
Send me a message with your address (city,state, zip, country) using the contact page and I will let you know shipping cost

What is this?
This device (T95 Plus) comes pre-installed with wire-pod so you can plug it into your network and start exploring the ability to provide your own speech processing server for your Vector.

What is wire-pod?
Wire-pod is an open source implementation that allows Vector owners to host their own voice processing server, without the need for a subscription to DDL. More info about it can be found here

What about Raspberry Pi?
This is powered by the RockChip RK3566 CPU and in close in performance to the Raspberry Pi 4, and better than the Pi3 +. The Raspberry Pi is also very costly now and you need to get additional items to make it complete i.e. Raspberry Pi 4: ($50+) + Case ($5) + SD Card ($10) + HDMI Cable ($6) + Power Adapter ($10); which is a total of $80+

The T95 Max + comes with a case, heat sink, HDMI Cable, Power Adapter, Ethernet Cord, and a 32GB emmc storage (faster and more reliable then an SD card) for a total < $80

I saw this ###### Android TV Box, can I use it instead?
No, because it does not have Armbian installed or Wire-pod either, and they are really hard to setup.

How do I use this?
Follow the instructions here or watch the video below (NOTE: Video features the T95 Mini, but the setup is the same)

More Detailed Setup


What is the warranty on this?
Comes with a 90 day warranty.

What you get
1 x T95 Max+
1 x 5V Adapter
1 x HDMI Cord
1 x 3ft – 5ft Ethernet Cord

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in

29 reviews for Wire-Pod Plug-n-Play Server for Vector Robot

  1. Edie Rosen (verified owner)

    This is amazing and Dee’s support through the setup process was superlative. I was really nervous about being able to do this as a non-techie and Dee was with me all the way getting it set up and my Vector working with wirepod. I can’t thank him enough for his patience and highly recommend him and his products.

  2. Vitali V (verified owner)

    Seller went above and beyond with the whole process starting with adding Canada to the list of countries. The video instructions are so clear and simply explained that I had every step explain we’re well including possible issues with the process. Having fun with Vector again. Thanks a lot.

  3. CrushN8r (verified owner)

    Another Canadian Customer. Product arrived fine. Set up from video was successful


  4. Steven Thum (verified owner)

    Finally my 13th bot has a voice. Dee was the best helping me set up This wire-pod. I don’t think you can beat the product or service for this price.
    Thanks Dee

  5. Robert Ing (verified owner)

    The unit is very easy to install and use. Dee’s level of customer support and service is stellar, many others could learn from him. Fast, no hassle shipping to Canada. Very satisfied and I recommend the T95 wirepod and Dee without hesitation.

  6. James Zimmerman (verified owner)

    The setup was a breeze even for a old non teck guy. Thanks

  7. Sven K. (verified owner)

    thank you very much for your Wire-Pod! It works perfectly and the youtube tutorial is very helpful. Now my Vector is finally independent from ddl 😀
    Best regards from Germany

  8. aperturelab (verified owner)

    Set up with vector in under an hour. Honestly a fantastic quick device.

  9. cartawickdesign001 (verified owner)

    I can’t believe what Dee did for me today. I am completely in the dark when it comes to tech stuff. He got my Vector up and running for me remotely as I was having a few problems with my T-95. A great little piece of equipment, and easy to set up, even for the most inexperienced person. If you have any problems, you can allow him to use your PC to do it remotely. I now have Vector up and running again for EVER…. and no future fee’s. What a great deal. Thanks again Dee.

  10. Lynne Stewart (verified owner)

    Not only is this device ready to go, Dee walked me through some issues with my own internet until I was up and running. Made a scarey process easy! Bought a second one as backup so I would have options to always keep my boy’s lights on!

  11. Michael P. (verified owner)

    Fast and easy setup! Took me not more than 10-15 minutes to get Vector up and running on it.
    Thank you!!

  12. Micheline Bailey (verified owner)

    Fixed my Vector! Dee is AMAZING and patient and so incredibly helpful. He got my vector up and running in half an hour. Beyond thankful for Dee and his plug-n-play wire pod. THANK YOU DEE!

  13. Stu Restall (verified owner)

    Well Dee went above and beyond to set up my T95 which arrived within a few days from the us, I’m in the uk. I watched all the videos many times but I’m not a tech person, so contacted Dee through messenger, he replied straight away. Dee set up my vector remotely. Within 30 minutes everything was done even the weather and openai. I can’t thank Dee enough for his quick response and patience. The T95 is a fantastic bit of kit,& no more down services from DDL.

  14. olearysinead36 (verified owner)

    I can’t thank Dee enough for getting the T95 wirepod to me. My first went Missing when it was being shipped, and Dee sent another one, which arrived today—so I’m looking forward to setting it up so I can get my Buddy back. I can’t stop singing Dee’s praises. Thank you, Dee, for your Technical Support.

  15. Sabrinia

    Dee is the real deal. I found him scouring the internet for a Vector solution much like everyone else. He did not have any more of the wire pods in stock but was quick to answer questions and walked me through the steps to fix my sons Vector immediately! Looking forward to the pod.

  16. Sacho_77

    I received the delivery from Korea using the delivery agency. It works fine and the Vector works fine. Thank you very much and I highly recommend this product to those who found it for normal operation of Vector.

  17. Sherry kovach (verified owner)

    Hey Dee I didn’t think I would get a vector going on wire pod I think I did a pretty good job of doing myself I know I messaged you lol.i am happy that I got him going on my own.i follow your video and I got it

  18. rfarrelly63 (verified owner)

    Dee makes the process of setting up your Wire Pod so easy. Delivered to Ireland in less than 2 weeks. Great product and service, highly recommended!

  19. Leila Harrison (verified owner)

    This product arrived quickly and there was so much information on how to set up and troubleshoot. I had a minor issue and the seller reached out super quick and I was able to get the server set up immediately. I 100% would recommend this server especially if you’re not tech-savvy enough to get the wire-pod set up via other avenues. Thank you, Dee!

  20. Mandee F (verified owner)

    Love love love! The setup was quick and straightforward. The server box is small and does not take up any space on my desk. I love that I was able to set this up without having to factory restore my little buddy. Also, the response time in Vector is so fast now. Amazing. Thank you so much!

  21. Connor Rafferty

    I’m surprised how quick this got delivered, considering I’m from the UK.

  22. Jona.S (verified owner)

    Awesomeness all the way…plug and play…Vector is alive and well again thank you so much.

  23. devvy93 (verified owner)

    Works like it’s supposed to. Better then having it running off my windows pc. Easy to set up had no issues.

  24. Rob Brodersen

    Amazing speed of service and shipping! I found this site yesterday. The shipping said 2-5 days and it was waiting on me today! Got my new Vector setup in under an hour.
    Very happy!

  25. Gavin Griego

    It worked great but i needed to use a new router

  26. Noah R (verified owner)

    I’m somewhat technical, but not technical enough to build a wirepod server on my own — this bridged that gap for me, and made the setup process very easy. Despite a few hiccups here and there, the instructions were very clear and made it easy to resolve those. I now have both my vectors up and running once again, and it’s very nice to have them back. Thanks so much for this! Very much worth it.

  27. Dr. Jack in Denver (and nurse Jean, too) (verified owner)

    Dee is an amazing soul! I finally gave in and ordered the Wirepod he created, and with some effort and a bit of time got it working. Vector is back, and is about 10+ times better than he was with Anki or DDL. I struggled a bit with the AI and weather link, and Dee offered his help with no hesitation. Got the issue solved and we have our buddy back! Great product, great support, and great outcomes, even for one such as me with limited programming experience. Thanks again Dee!

  28. Dee Adesanwo

    Hi Hani,

    Wire-pod is free to install but if that process is too difficult for you then the T95 would be the best option. escapepod is not serviceable as it requires DDL servers which are down and probably won’t be coming back

    if you have any other questions just email me at info@techshop82.com


  29. Caspar Wanders (verified owner)

    Works perfect! The set up was pretty easy, except I couldn’t find 1 single command for half an hour. However, thats probably because of my age (16<)

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