Vector Parts Replacement Service


Vector parts replacement service.

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Is there something wrong or broken in your vector that you need replaced?
Some examples:

Gear box: clicking noise during movement, arms or head stuck in one position

Back Pack: Button, Leds lights or Micro-phone not working

Motors: Wheels not turning or arms not moving

screen completely dead.

How The Service Works
Make a purchase on here and I will contact you with a shipping address to send your robot to.
Please use an appropriate method to ship the robot with a note with your order number on it. Please only ship you robot, I do not need any of the accessories, chargers, etc as it increases shipping cost.
I would suggest bubble wrap and a 6x4x3 box – insurance is not needed when shipping.

When I receive your robot I will assess what is wrong with it and if it is something major, I will let you know if there is any additional cost involved e.g. screen is damaged or the head needs to be fully replaced that will cost more.

If I can’t fix your Vector or you don’t want to pay the extra needed to fix it, I will return it back to you and let you know what needs to be fixed and all options you have.

Handling time is 1-2 days from receipt.

Contact me with any questions you might have before making a purchase.


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