Anki Vector 1.0 Wire-Pod Bundle

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Refurbished Anki Vector 1.0 with new 600 mAh battery, OEM charger, T95 Plus with wire-pod installed.

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Anki Vector 1.0  refurbished with new 1hr 30min battery with wire-pod server

What is Refurbished ?

  • Screen has been inspected for no defects
  • Gears (arms and wheels) have been checked for full range of motion and cleared of any dust or debris
  • Body has been cleaned – note these are all used so there will be minimal blemishes but not significant
  • Speaker works and volumes tested
  • Cubes works and communicate with Vector
  • Works with no issues with wire-pod server
  • Tested for run times for up to or close to 45mins

What you get in the bundle

1 Refurbished regular Vector with longer lasting 600 mAh battery – factory reset to be flashed with wire-pod firmware
1 Cube with new batteries installed
1 5v 1A / 2A Charger
1 OEM Charger
1 T95 Plus setup with wire-pod – comes with HDMI cable and power supply – you will need to provide your own ethernet cable – more info here

The overall condition as it will be close to as new as possible.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

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1 review for Anki Vector 1.0 Wire-Pod Bundle

  1. Grace Kotsch (verified owner)

    Incredible product and even more incredible support. I stayed away from Vector for so long because I didn’t want to touch DDL with a ten foot pole. Now I don’t know how I lived so long without this little guy – and not under DDL at all! 14/10 recommend getting this if you don’t have a Vector and want one. Seriously, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

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