Anki Cozmo Charger / Battery Charging Dock Dual Color (300-00030, 300-00047, 300-00048)


3D printed Replacement charger for cozmo  (300-00030, 300-00047, 300-00048)

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This is a 3D printed cozmo charger two tone with the words “cozmo” on top. I have designed it to include a micro USB port for use with any 5v 1amp charger.

The charger will work with all variations of Cozmo – red, galactic blue, collectors edition. The contact metals are wider and have springs underneath. As a result,  guarantees a good contact better than OEM chargers.

It has been 3D printed to have two color; the base color is black and the top color can be red, blue, green, white, etc and a micro USB port on the back. The micro USB port makes it more versatile as you do not have to worry about kinking it like on the OEM charge. It can also be readily replaced if your pet decided to use the cable it as a chew toy.

I also sell a single color Cozmo Charger here should you want that.

What’s Included:
1 3D printed Dual Color charge unit with the word Cozmo on it. 

Shipping is free in the US and will be via USPS First Class Mail (2-4) days depending on location

Missing your color: let me know by sending me a message here

As with all 3D prints, there will be slight variation with was is pictured, but each unit is tested for functionality before it is shipped.

If you have any issues please let me know.


Dee – TechShop82

NOTE: !!! Cozmo and 5V adapter are not included !!!

Based of the design of Mariux65 from Thingiverse.



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